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Fort William College Ki Adabi Khidmaat Book

 Fort William College Ki Adabi Khidmaat by Dr. Ubaida Begam is an authentic book that gives detail all about Fort William College. According to this book, Fort William College was founded on 10 July 1800 by Lord Wellesley located in Calcutta. This college also promoted the printing and publishing of Urdu books. Along with teaching, translations were organized.

The author tells in this book Fort William College Ki Adabi  Khidmaat, Fort William College proved to be a turning point for Urdu language and literature. It paved the way for Urdu prose, which enabled Urdu prose to adapt to other advanced languages ​​of the world.

With the support of Dr. General Marquis Wellesley, Urdu prose entered a new era with the efforts of Dr. John Buttock Gilchrist, the first professor in the Indian College group.

When you read this Book  Fort William College Ki Adabi  Khidmaat come to know how writers and translators came in or got in touch with them and did their work, got paid, and moved on, there was regular staff but the work done at the college during that period is less commendable.

Fort William College Ki Adabi Khidmaat Sample Page

 Writers and translators translated books into Arabic and Persian and presented to the people in a new way, enchanting others with their special beauty and leaving them to themselves. They wrote books like umrao jaan ada, Bagh o bahar, etc.

This Book Fort William College Ki Adabi Khidmaat tells us although it was the biggest disadvantage for the Persian language; the Persian language became popular in India. But when a language moves forward, it moves forward only by dropping one language or another, so Urdu puts its foot on the neck of the Persian language and moves forward step by step.

The first chapter discusses its aims and objectives, and the second chapter describes the living conditions of the writers and translators associated with Fort William.

The third chapter presents a critical review of the books translated in this school. Chapter 4 deals with the style of Fort William’s prose.

 Chapter 5 presents the study of the effects of Fort William College on the Urdu language. This book is a great book for understanding the services of Fort William College that is essential for military students to read.

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Fort William College Ki Adabi Khidmaat by Dr. Ubaida Begam provides an authoritative history of the institution’s literary contributions and impact on Urdu language and literature. Established in 1800, Fort William College ushered in a new era for Urdu through pioneering translations, teaching and publications. Under Gilchrist, it facilitated the transition of Urdu prose to modern form.

The book analytically reviews the seminal translations and writings produced here by the likes of Mir Amman. It also examines the College’s role in standardizing Urdu prose. For those studying origins of modern Urdu literature, this book offers indispensable insights into Fort William College’s formative influence in shaping Urdu’s literary course.”

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