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Sangtarash novel (سنگتراش) is a famous Urdu Jasoosi novel written by acclaimed writer Aqleem Aleem(اقلیم علیم). This novel is full of action, thrilling, adventure fights, and a romantic mystery which you will be forced to finish in one sitting. From 1973-1974, it was published as a monthly installment in the Jasoosi digest, and later in conventional paperback form.

Sangtarash Novel Summary And Story Outline

Sangtarash is a story full of suspense, thrill, adventure, and terror. The main character of the tale is a sinister young boy Khadim Hussain۔ The story revolves around a young Muslim who visits holy Islamic sites with his family.

During their visit, the desert pirates attacked their convoy as it crossed the desert. Pirates looted and killed them all mercilessly. A looter dragged Khadim Hussain into their valley after taking everything they could get their hands on.

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Khadim Hussain was taken to the valley by Jabir and that was the turning point for him. As a result of his yearning for children, Jabir, the protagonist of the story, begged for Khadim to be his son. Kadim grew up with Jabir in the valley of pirates as his son. He learned how to carve stones. While he is one of them, he never forgets that they killed his family. Consequently, he is always burning for revenge and it is only intensifying over time.

In this novel, you will find all the answers to the questions that arise in every story reader. These are the questions.

Would he be able to avenge the massacre of his people, or would he grow up to become one of them? Is he ever going to find love in his life? You will find the answers to these questions as you read this novel. A thrilling story full of action and adventure awaits you in this novel.

This novel is usually of the same size as Urdu small novels. In the two volumes of the Jasoosi novel, there are 320 pages between them.

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