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Parizaad Novel By Hashim Nadeem

Parizaad novel (پری ذاد) is a socio-romantic Urdu novel written by Hashim Nadeem. Initially published in a local weekly magazine, they eventually became a hardcover book in 2014. A drama serial of the same name has been adapted for Hum TV recently.

Parizaad Novel Summary & Review

The novel tells the story of a young person’s journey from childhood to adulthood. His financial situation is a mess, and his looks are not appealing. Since he has been poor for most of his life and has an ugly appearance, he is mistreated.

He feels lonely with each passing day; the urge to be wanted and loved grows stronger, but he never gets close to anyone. As fate intended, the road took a turn, and he was rewarded with wealth and fame.

After seeing that, we read that all his wealth and fame are not enough to help him move on from his past and find love and inner peace? Read the novel to learn about Parizaad’s quest to find love and peace.

Parizad Novel’s Characters And Story

Generally speaking, it is a fascinating story with a strong plot. It depicts the feelings of a person who searched for true love all his life, but his ugly appearance prevented him from finding it. There was such depth in terms of the plot, the characters, the habits, and the intentions that it was as if a curtain was falling, ripping some mask off of some face one after another. book is my favorite and the author even more so.

Throughout the novel, the protagonist loses all of his self-confidence and self-worth because he isn’t physically attractive. As a result of his unconventional features and how they run against his name, he has been ridiculed by society. Parizaad is a purveyor of beauty despite his knowledge of his shortcomings. Beautiful women are his only interest and he gets a rush from being near them or talking to them.

In this book, the author explains the most prevalent flaw in our society, which is not loving even an ugly person! We believe that physical appearance determines a person’s value. While we criticized them for their looks, we didn’t care about their purity of heart

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Final Words

Through the tale of the mistreated yet kind-hearted Parizaad, Hashim Nadeem provides thoughtful commentary on society’s obsession with beauty. The novel sensitively explores the toll of prejudice while unveiling deeper truths about self-worth and human nature. With its uplifting yet heart-rending narrative, Parizaad announces Nadeem as a bold new voice in psychologically nuanced Urdu fiction.

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