Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum by Malaika Rafi PDF

Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum is an extraordinary Urdu novel penned by renowned writer Malaika Rafi. This book narrates the tale of a pure young woman who falls in love with a self-centered man. Despite her passion and devotion, the boy prioritizes his ambitions and goals instead of the relationship, thus leaving her on the eve of their wedding. This book mirrors society and reveals various concealed realities of life.

Summary and Storyline

The storyline is intense and will keep readers hooked till the end. If you relish socio-romantic sagas, this is an absolute must-read. If you have relished this novel, similar books to read include Parizaad Novel By Hashim Nadeem, Jannat Kay Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed , and Faqat Tum by Shagufta Kanwal.

Apart from its compelling story, the book also dwells on love, compromise, and repentance themes. The main protagonist, the woman, is depicted as a robust and tenacious individual, ready to sacrifice everything for the one she loves. Nevertheless, her affection is not reciprocated, and she is left with no choice but to live with sorrow.

 The book also showcases the gloomy realities of a world wherein dreams and goals come at the cost of bonds and emotions.Malaika Rafi’s writing style is mesmerizing as she remarkably constructs a feeling of tension and emotion in the entire novel. The depictions of the characters and the surrounding environment are vibrant and enliven the narrative.

Overall, Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Baithy Hum is a poignant and evocative book that will impact its readers long-term. The author has excellently combined aspects of love, social commentary, and emotions to craft a compelling and meaningful story. This novel is highly recommended for readers who appreciate exploring human emotions and relationships in literature.

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This novel can be accessed and read online or downloaded in PDF format for offline reading. Follow the mentioned links to access the book. Overall,Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum is a profoundly thought-provoking and wonderfully crafted book that will surely stay in readers’ minds for a long time.

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