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Pakistan Kyun Toota By Dr. Safdar Mehmood

Pakistan Kyun Toota(پاکستان کیوں ٹوٹا؟) book is a historical and full analysis of the breakup of Pakistan in 1971 when East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Sang-e-Meel Publications first published it in February 1987. There are many fascinating topics in this Urdu book about Pakistan’s past and how it relates to competitive exams.

Dr. Safdar Mehmood(ڈاکٹر صفدر محمود) is a well-known historian, scholar, columnist, and author. He wrote several books on Pakistan’s history during his long writing career. During his tenure as a columnist for the Daily Jang News, he wrote an Urdu column under the title ‘Subah Bakhair’.

Pakistan Kyun Toota Book Summary

Pakistan Kyun Toota? / پاکستان کیوں ٹوٹا؟

Throughout the book, the author explains the reasons for the partition of East Pakistan and the fall of Dhaka. He also discussed the reasons for the division of the Eastern part of Pakistan and the formation of another nation, Bangladesh(بنگلہ دییش).

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In this book, the author explains Mujib, Bhutto, and Yahya Khan’s roles in the operation. We also gain an understanding of historical perspective by reading this book. We can also note that the distance between west Pakistan and Indian territory is 1000 miles.

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Some Causes for the Separation of Bengal, according to this book.

  • There was a great deal of cultural difference. 
  • There was a border between East and West Pakistan. The provinces that made up West Pakistan shared little in common.
  • The language was different. The Bengalis did not want Urdu as the center language, they wanted Bangli. etc.

Pakistan suffered an insurgency in its East wing in 1971, which later turned into civil war. In an open battle against Pakistan, the Bengali leadership received the support of India. Meanwhile, Indian the meantime, Indian troops entered Dhaka and the Pakistanis surrendered. Overall, the situation is a bit grim.

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In conclusion, Pakistan Kyun Toota by Dr. Safdar Mehmood is an insightful Urdu book analyzing the traumatic separation of East Pakistan in 1971.

By delving into the roles of key players like Mujib, Bhutto and Yahya Khan, Mehmood provides a well-researched historical perspective on the events leading to the India-Pakistan war and Bangladesh’s independence.

He elucidates the cultural differences, geographical distance, linguistic issues and political blunders that cumulatively caused the partition. As an authoritative chronicle, Pakistan Kyun Toota succeeds in shedding light on this darkest chapter of Pakistan’s history.

Mehmood’s accessible writing style makes it essential reading for understanding the complex dynamics and painful legacy of the loss of East Pakistan.

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