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Mitti Ka Diya By Mirza Adeeb

The autobiographical Urdu book Mitti Ka Diya was written by Mirza Adeeb. A first edition was published in 1981. An earlier version of this biography appeared in publications such as Planet Digest, Urdu Digest, and National Digest before its official publication.

Mitti Ka Diya Book Summary

In this Autobiography book Mitti Ka Diya, the author discusses his educational life in extensive detail, describing how school life evolved into college study. There were strict rules for teachers with students during that time period, as he outlined the teaching methods of the time. In addition, he describes with extreme devotion those professors who gave him the chance to explore and learn during his college years. These professors played a crucial role in helping him develop his character.

The life of Mirza Adeeb was marked by struggles and financial hardships until he reached college. Therefore, he began looking for a job as soon as he graduated from college. At the request of Chaudhry Barkat Ali, he accepted the editorship of the monthly “Adab e Latif” in December 1935 for a salary of Rs. 25 per month. He made this decision as a defining moment in his life because it marks the beginning of his literary and practical career.

It’s clear that Mirza Adib wrote his autobiography with remarkable authenticity. In no way did he exaggerate or lie about himself, his family, or his friends. Their portrayals are as true to life as they were in real life.

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Generally speaking, “Mati Ka Diya” is both influential and captivating. The book presents a complete picture of Mirza Adib’s life and character. Throughout the darkest of hours, a man sought light for himself.

Mitti Ka Diya is the story of a man who lived his life by feeling every single moment. He saw the world around him as a spectacle, not as a spectator.

Analyzing such massive books and their past is difficult. I am either a victim of a fast pace or a slow pace when it comes to Urdu. My profession involves words. I love words, regardless of how they forget me. The first two and a half hundred pages of Mirza Adib’s autobiography were extremely boring to me. Mirza Adib and I always seem to be in harmony on these pages. These pages are full of technical and artistic abilities that convey strong emotions.

Mirza Adeeb Stories List

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  • Naani Ama ki ainak
  • Pas-e-Pardah
  • Kirno Se Bandhay Haath
  • Ihsaan Ka Badla
  • Khizan Dar Khizan

According to Mushfiqur Khawaja, Mirza Adib lived a life in which he felt every moment. And in this book, the reader feels this again and again. And the rest of the pages are quite informative. The last two parts of the book are sketches. Having these sketches compiled from different perspectives makes them unique.

Final Thoughts

In his influential Urdu autobiography Mitti Ka Diya, Mirza Adeeb provides an authentic account of his life struggles and experiences. The book depicts his educational journey and early financial hardships in a captivating way. It highlights the life story of a man who lived each moment fully and sought light through the darkest of times. Overall, Mitti Ka Diya biography Book allows readers to immerse themselves in Mirza Adeeb’s remarkable life journey.

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