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Deewan E Asghar By Asghar Ali Gondvi

Asghar Gondvi’s book Deewan e Asghar Gondvi(دیوان اصغر گونڈوی) is a collection of poetry. The book contains poems, ghazals and Rubayats on Sufism and real love. This collection includes all the poetry of Asghar Gondvi.

Asghar Ali Gondvi(اصغر گونڈوی) is a contemporary ghazal sufi poet of Urdu Sufi and Persian. Modern poet Asghar Gondvi has written in both Urdu and Persian. Due to financial reasons and employment, he was unable to complete his formal education. Later, he worked for a railway company.His books are Nishat-e-Rooh and Sarwar Zindagi.

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Deewan E Asghar Gondvi Book Review

Gondvi was a reader of other famous poets. In his reading, he read poetry from the well-known Urdu and Persian poets. In order to compare himself to Jigar Muradabadi, he got inspiration from him. The two poets faced similar challenges and figured out how to overcome them.

As we read this book, we learn that Asghar’s poetry contains clear statements on various aspects of Sufism. The significance of Wahdat-ul-Wujud, Wahdat-ul-Shuhud, Fana-o-Baqa, etc. It has been noted with the utmost pride. Artistic delicacy has never been compromised.
His poetry focuses mostly on Sufism and divine love. Love in his poetry is free from any physical or emotional density.

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In his poetry, not only Sufism but also love and struggle are found. Because their era was one of freedom and struggle. Asghar Gondvi come into view at the start of the struggle of India. Muslims and Hindus of the subcontinent began passionate independence movements at the start of the 20th century. And Asghar Gondvi did not shut himself off from the situation.


In concluison, Deewan-e-Asghar Gondvi showcases Asghar Ali Gondvi’s mastery of Sufi poetry. His verses provide deep insights into Sufi philosophy with great artistic expression. Influenced by poets like Jigar Moradabadi yet maintaining a distinctive voice, Gondvi engages with spiritual concepts as well as socio-political issues. This collection cements Gondvi’s reputation as a leading modern Sufi poet in Urdu literature.

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