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Masnavi Maulana Room (Urdu Version)

Masnavi Maulana Room is a long Urdu masnavi, the work of Rumi. It is sometimes called Masnavi Maulvi Manvi. It belongs to one of the most famous Masnavis. A number of M.Phil scholars and contemporary Urdu writers have written about this Masnavi. It holds a special place within Islamic literature.

Masnavi Maulvi Manavi “who has kept the name of Maulana Rumi alive to this day and whose fame and popularity has surpassed all the writings of Iran. This Masnavi consists of about 26,000 poems.

Maulana Room a Persian jurist, philosopher, theologian, poet, and Sufi mystic, he lived in Konya, a city of the Ottoman Empire (Today’s Turkey), during the 13th century. His poems have been translated into many languages around the world. Rumi’s major work is Masnavi Manavi called Masnavi Maulana Room.

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Know About Masnavi (Summary)

The book under review is the first office in which the issues of ethics and beliefs have been described in a very attractive and interesting way. Maulana Rome’s Masnavi is a living example of enthusiasm, courage, struggle, and constant hard work.

It has always been popular among the people and properties due to its quotations and rationalities, instructive phrases, allusions and metaphors, and interesting events and parables.

There are springs flowing from the sea of ​​meanings contained in it. Along with the Persian poems of Maulana in this book Below is their Urdu translation, as well as difficult terms explained in the footnote.


Masnavi Maulana Room stands as one of the most influential and celebrated works of Persian poetry. Composed by the 13th century mystic poet Rumi, this spiritual masterpiece weaves together rhyming couplets and parables to explore the deepest questions of ethics, faith, and the human condition.

With its engaging mix of storytelling, humor, and profound insight, the Masnavi has captivated readers for centuries. The work showcases Rumi’s unique ability to communicate enchanting tales and reflect on the mysteries of existence in a manner that feels intimate yet universal.

The enduring popularity of the Masnavi, along with its ability to cross cultural boundaries, is a testament to the wisdom contained within Rumi’s verses. Almost 800 years later, readers continue to turn to the Masnavi for inspiration, solace and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

This monumental contribution to Persian and Islamic literature remains an essential masterpiece that speaks to the common humanity in all of us. The Masnavi’s lasting impact is perhaps the greatest legacy of Rumi, one of the world’s most beloved mystical poets.

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