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Yaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Yaram(یارم) is one of the most romantic novels in Urdu that describes the story of selfless and unconditional love, sincerity, loyalty and above all.Yarm’s story is the embodiment of love and the embodiment of friendship. It was published by the monthly Shuaa Digest. July 2014 to March 2015. Below is the full review of the Yaram novel.

Yaram Novel Summary & Review

Story revolves around a girl named Amraha who, in response to her grandfather’s insistence, is attracted to studying abroad.Because of certain unfortunate events that occurred after her birth, she is considered cursed and a bad omen for the family.

In this novel, university life is described with great accuracy and detail. Most of us have fond memories of our college days. As you read this story, you will be reminded of your college days, the friends you made, and the memories you made.

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Novel characters

Amraha: Amraha is the protagonist of the novel. The unfortunate Amraha in her family whose future is uncertain and who herself did not have any special ability. She is from Lahore.Her presence at any time is considered ominous. Amraha often says of herself, “I killed . I was miserable.

Aliyan: This is the main male character. He is from Manchester, England.Aliyan is a university student who is loved by her friends and university students. Her full name is Aliyan Margaret. He wants to be known by his mother’s name.

Grandfather: This is Amraha’s grandfather. They are the only ones in the house who support Amraha and are concerned about her. At her grandfather’s urging, Amraha applied for a scholarship to a foreign university and was eventually admitted to the University of Manchester.

Vera: This is a Russian student who is a friend of Amraha. Vera and Amraha live in the same house in Manchester.

Carl: This is a Manchester University student who is very naughty. Most university students have been the victims of this mischief.

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Final Thoughts

Yaram stands out as a moving chronicle of unconditional love and friendship. Through Amraha and Aliyan’s bond, author Sumaira Hameed evocatively explores the redemptive power of human connection.

The novel excels in portraying the cruelty of misguided superstitions and the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming adversity. Set against the vivid backdrop of student life, Yaram packs in tender moments, lively personalities and profound themes.

Hameed brings depth to the main and supporting characters, capturing the chaos, connections and coming-of-age experiences of university days. The storytelling balances melancholy with hopeful tonality as the central relationship evolves.

Yaram Novel announces Sumaira Hameed as a major new talent within Urdu fiction. With its emotional sincerity and celebration of the unshakable force of love, this novel marks the arrival of a compelling new voice. Yaram will reside in readers’ hearts as an ode to the ties that nourish our souls.

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