Tujh Sung Zindagi Novel by Ana Ilyas

Tujh Sung Zindagi (تجھ سنگ زندگی) is an amazing novel written by Ana Ilyas. The story is very romantic and enthralling. The novel is also socially, romantically, and love-based, and it is beautifully explained in the style of a novel.

Ana Ilyas (انا الیاس) has written many famous novels that her readers always liked. She is now attempting to instill a fresh thought in the minds of her readers. Every piece of writing she writes has a lesson to teach to her readers, so that their time and effort are not wasted.

Ana Ilyas is an author who has published many books. She’s very proud of the novels that she writes. But there are some things she wants to teach her readers about life, especially the lessons of a novel. Every piece of literature that she creates has a lesson to teach her readers so that their time and effort are not wasted. If you are going to write a novel, you should learn how to write fiction well.

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Tujh Sung Zindagi Novel Summary

To write a novel properly, you must have courage and boldness of heart, a sharp memory and a clear mind. You should love the story and be eager to write it down until it is complete. The most talented writer can easily become one with his story. The problem is that if he doesn’t love it enough, he won’t be able to use his most valuable skills and talents for putting it down.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into the creation of an Ilyas novel. It is a long process that begins with conception and ends with completion. It is also pertinent to mention that novels are written in Urdu which is an alphabetical language.

Firstly, I have to say that writing in Urdu is really about writing for yourself. It doesn’t matter about the language that you write because at the end of the day, your work will only be made available to people who understand Urdu.

A novel is an extension of your life. A novel is not a thing. A novel needs no beginning, middle or end to be complete; it carries on forever. An incomplete novel is as good as a complete one”

In the last few years, with the rise of the writer’s rights movement (RSM), writers have been voicing their complaints over the lack of rights they have to their intellectual property rights 

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I’m glad to hear you like novels. Check out this heartwarming Romantic Urdu Novel written by Ana Ilyas, Tujh Sang Zindagi. Urdu novels are a popular form of literature. Girls and women of every age enjoy them. Reading long and interesting Romantic Urdu novels is a favorite pastime for both boys and men. Download and read in PDF online.


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