Reasons to engage a Charlotte sexual harassment attorney

As an employee, you shouldn’t have to go through any form of harassment at the workplace. Unfortunately, a significant number of sexual harassment cases are reported in North Carolina each year, and many victims do not get justice. More often than not, employees don’t even file a complaint, fearing that they would lose their jobs. It is also not unusual for employers to retaliate against those who have filed a sexual harassment complaint. What should you do in a similar situation? Instead of panicking, consider meeting a Charlotte sexual harassment attorney. Here’s how your attorney can help.

Explain your rights

Most people dealing with a sexual harassment case don’t know what to do next. More importantly, they wonder whether they have a case against their employer. There are also other usual questions – “What should I do next?” “What are my rights?” “What mistakes should I avoid?”. Each situation is unique, and even if you find some information online, that may not be enough to make a move. With an employment lawyer specializing in sexual harassment cases, you don’t have to bother about guesswork. They will explain your rights while being empathetic.

Deal with the extensive work

Filing a sexual harassment case requires significant work. The evidence must be watertight, and the paperwork needs extensive attention. Your lawyer will also need to find your employment records if you don’t have details, including details. They will also file complaints with offices where necessary. The paperwork itself is a good reason to get help, especially if you are not a legal expert.

Handle employment retaliation

As mentioned earlier, employment retaliation is not uncommon in such situations. If you were fired from the job or were demoted or transferred, you have the option to take action. Cases are often complex to prove, and depending on the circumstances, you could be able to recover a settlement. Your employment lawyer is in charge of fighting the case and will go to court as required.

Find the right lawyer

When you look for an employment lawyer, start by looking at their profile. There shouldn’t be a conflict of interest. For instance, if the same law firm is representing your employer in another case, you should look for other options. It is also a good idea to consider the trial experience of the lawyer, which could matter if the case goes to court. Meet an attorney in person, and don’t step back from discussing all aspects, including the complexities.

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