Time to reap in some profits – Reasons to invest in HDFC FLEXI CAP MUTUAL FUNDS

Parking one’s money and funds in the stock market to earn is one of the most common savings and growing methods accepted by most people. With a plethora of investment options and lucrative offers popping up now and then, it becomes cumbersome to select the most appropriate one. Since mutual funds have emerged as the most preferred and profitable venues, here’s a fund you can allocate your money to and earn substantial returns. It is called hdfc flexi cap fund. While there are fund managers to guide and share valuable knowledge about the various funds, it is important to keep track of the market trends on your own. So let us figure out the topmost reasons why you should select HDFC Flexi Cap Mutual Funds as your investment instrument:

  1. Current Net Asset Value: The nature of any fund can be assessed by evaluating the value of its current assets. HDFC Flexi fund is offering a substantial growth of rupees 1630 for a growth plan in regular mode. With a backup of HDFC, the fund surely promises to generate significant returns in the long run.
  2. Returns: The fund has generated sizable returns over different periods ranging from 42.53% every year to 28.63% for three years. This is considerable given the market variations and fluctuations. Overall the earnings are worthwhile and allow you to gain decently on your investments. 
  3. Fund size: The size of the fund can tell you about the potential it holds and the trust of the promoters. The size of this flexi fund is way above fifty thousand crore rupees which is a huge amount. The assets held under management give a good idea about the size and worth of the fund and also hint at its potential to earn in the long term. 
  4. Investment objective: The flexi cap fund aims to garner interest in the public to invest in the portfolio which is predominantly focused on equity and equity-related instruments. It will lead to capital appreciation and the generation of income.
  5. Expense ratio and Exit load: The expense ratio stands at one and a half per cent of the regular plan and the exit load is just one per cent if you decide to redeem the stock within a year. It is quite reasonable given the brilliant returns the fund is generating.
  6. Minimum investment: While most of the funds have high figures as minimum investment amount, the flexi cap fund with HDFC requires a bare minimum investment of rupees one hundred followed by an additional investment of a hundred rupees. The mutual fund SIP minimum requirement is also just rupees one hundred. It means that anyone who has even a meagre amount to spare can put their money in this fund and earn in the long term. 

Most of the funds offered by HDFC are good in returns and hold great potential like the hdfc life opportunity fund being offered by 5paisa which is again a promising fund in the stock market. So go one and find out about the different investment opportunities to earn in the long term and build a wealthy future for yourself.

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