Raja gidh novel by Bano Qudsia in pdf

Raja Gidh is a famous novel by Banu Qudsia, published in 1981. It was only after the publication of this novel that Banu Qudsia gained popularity in literary circles. One of the most widely read and acclaimed Urdu novels. This novel beautifully describes the clash of social classes.

Gidh is the name of a vulture in Urdu, whereas Raja is the name of a king in Hindi. The name is associated with vultures.

Bano Qudsia was a writer, scholar, dramatist, and spiritualist from Pakistan who wrote Urdu novels and short stories. She is one of the best storytellers and short story writers of the modern era. Read More. She had written a biography of Qudarallullah Shahab name Mard E Abresham and more books.

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Raja Gidh Novel Summary |Review | Critical Analysis

The novel explores the psychological aspects and the clash of halal and haraam consumption, as well as halal and haraam social attitudes.

Halal and haraam mean death and life, respectively. And it takes us far away from the purpose of servitude, where no path is our own, no way is bright, only water is water and drowning is destiny. In the same way that a vulture that is indifferent and hungry goes looking for the dead to feed on and wants to satisfy his hunger no matter what, he waits for the death of the living.

The plot of the novel is accompanied by an allegory of such a kingdom. A novel revolves around the following topics and behaviors affecting daily life.

  • Infinite Love 
  • Excessive curiosity
  • Unlawful Wages
  • Death awareness
Raja Gidh Bano Qudsia PDF book
Raja Gidh Bano Qudsia PDF book

Raja Gidh Characters & Story

The main characters of the novel are Shah and Qayyum. Sami Shah, a princess who falls in love with Aftab, is the main character in the novel. Qayyum belongs to the middle class from the village and is another main character in the novel.

The story of Raja Gidh is similar to this, where life and desire are on either side. A man standing in the middle is seen dancing to them and ultimately dying. When it encourages suicide, when it suffers from mental illness, and when it dresses insensitively, it burns away all the shards of intellect and consciousness.

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His love for the stomach makes him tear the dead to pieces. The fact that he has learned all of this from a man makes him wonder as if he were a madman. To calm both the stomach and the heart, he marks and separates the flesh from the bones. It is a lovely and readable novel. Download Raja Gidh novel and Read it online in PDF format.  You will see a huge collection of Urdu romantic, Urdu classic and horror novels,  and Urdu Literature books.

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