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Hama Yaran Dozakh is a biography and historical book on the tragedy of East Pakistan written by Siddique Salik. It was first published in 1974 in Sar Subz Book Club, GHQ. This book is about the separation of Dhaka, a tragedy in Pakistan.

Siddique Salik’s name is not unknown to Urdu language readers. You belonged to the Pakistan Army where you rose to the rank of General. You are the author of many books. The element of humor and criticism is predominant in your writings. Your memoirs include books based on the details of the fall of Dhaka in which you described the circumstances and events that led to this tragedy.

Hama Yaran Dozakh Book Summary

The book contains a total of 21 chapters, listed below on the sample book page.

Hama Yaaran Dozakh / ہمہ یاراں دوزخ
Hama Yaaran Dozakh / ہمہ یاراں دوزخ

The headlines of the chapter make the pain of this journey feel real. We have a deep love for our army in our hearts and we feel the grief of the Dhaka tragedy in our hearts. As a result, reading this book makes one’s eyes water and the heart heavy. After a few pages, the words fade and it’s time to clean your eyes.

 However, the author has written this book with great enthusiasm and has presented many things in a light-hearted manner. However, a painful heart can feel the pain and anguish hidden behind these events.

Mr. Siddique Salik Sahib deserves praise for writing this book and preserving these events and circumstances. This will ensure that future generations will also be aware of him and these events will not be lost to the dark.

The tragedy of East Pakistan is a tragedy of our national history whose wounds Pakistanis still feel in their hearts. Many authors have written on the causes of this incident, the political situation, the ground realities, and the role of the neighboring country and have presented their views and analyses. The book in the library today is also about this accident. In any case, what makes this book unique is its account of the events that took place during the captivity after the fall of Dhaka.

Because the author belonged to the Pakistani army and after the fall of Dhaka he was also a prisoner of war. Therefore, this book contains the circumstances of the captivity that took place from December 1971 to his release in October 1973. Occurred during These memoirs were published in 1974 under the title “All Friends of Hell”. The title of the book is very meaningful. It expresses the heartfelt sentiments not only of the author but also of the entire nation, according to which Indian captivity has been likened to hell.

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