Aab E Gum Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi

“Aab E Gum” (آب گم) is a comedy masterpiece by Tanz O Mazah Urdu writer Mushtaq Ahmed Yousifi. The book first appeared in 1989.

The art of Yousifi Sahib has a subtlety of its own. It has the ability to startle the reader by highlighting the lowest of things and then using that as the basis to proceed in a seemingly innocent manner.

Aab E Gum Book Summary & Review

Although the theme of Aab E Gum is unique and untouched, reading this beautiful, fluent, but the elaborate text makes you feel as if you are gazing at a colorful painting or holding a royal dress, complete with jewels and pearls. Feeling ‘out of gas’ emotionally, figuratively, and humorously in a single line and sentence.

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Unlike all previous works of the writer, this book has a different theme in that its main theme is a state of mind that is always encompassing and open to human actions and thoughts. This is called nostalgia, memory bliss, or past addict

It opens windows of understanding for its reader, sometimes leading him into picturesque valleys and sometimes leaving him in heavy caves of sorrow.

There are many characters in this book who are past victims, abtors, and people. They suffer from nostalgia. Humor has been created in many ways by keeping in mind the psychology of these characters and their pastoral lifestyle. Mushtaq Ahmed Yousifi’s masterpiece is also considered the greatest work of Urdu parody and humor in history.

Yousifi Sahib has a very unique style. Dr. Noorul Hassan Naqvi writes, “The reader of Yousifi’s writings begins to think while reading and laughs and suddenly becomes silent. Often his eyes get wet.” The tickling sentences in this book and their unique tone and humor are some of the things that make you want to read this book over and over again. Mustaq ahmed yousifi have done work like Zarguzasht, Khakam Badhan as well as Aab e gum .

Aab e Gum is not a book to be read once, it is to be read again and again and it reveals new meanings, emotions, and feelings every time.

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Aab E Gum is a must-read book for fans of classic Urdu humor. If you expect to laugh and enjoy reading this book, you will be disappointed. You must pay attention and be serious if you want to understand the humor properly. The PDF version can be downloaded or browsed online. Thank you for visiting the Urdu PDF books library.

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