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Kirnain (Afsanay) By Shafiq-ur-Rehman

Kirnain (کرنیں) is a collection of short romance and mythological stories of Urdu fiction. The book was written by Shafiq Ur Rehman, a famous comedian and writer of Urdu fiction. This collection of short Urdu stories was first released in 1941. Thousands of people took the book by the hand and made the authors famous.

Shafiq-ur-Rehman (شفیق الرحمن) is considered one of the pioneers of humorous Urdu prose. Despite being a medical doctor and being affiliated with the Pakistan Army, he had literary endeavors that were no less than any regular writer. author Author literary works are Shagoofay, Himaqtain, and Mazeed Himaqtain etc.   

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Kirnain Books’s Review

The book of legends contains seven short stories. Each story has a unique plot, but the main themes are love, desire, and romance. Each story has a distant set of characters. These myths hold the reader’s attention with their innocence, humor, simplicity, excitement, and romance. The Rays collection is a legendary one that will never let its readers down.

Here are the titles of the 7 stories in this collection:

  • Defeat (شکست)
  • Fast bowler (فاسٹ باولر)
  • Rays (کرنیں)
  • Summer vacation (گرمیوں کی چھٹیاں)
  • Lead Doctor (لیڈٰی ڈاکٹر)
  • Expansion (وسعت)
  • Wealth (ثروت)

Shafiqul-ur-Rehman’s short stories are not only satirical and humorous but also look at the romantic and social issues of upper and middle class people.

Shafiq-ur-Rehman’s short stories are always enjoyable to read. He writes about satire, humor, romance, middle-class issues, and social issues. His characters vividly portray social and cultural issues.

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Published in 1941, Shafiq-ur-Rehman’s short story collection Kirnain showcases his flair for humorous and insightful storytelling. Through entertaining tales of romance and adventure, Rehman provides gentle satire on social issues and universal human follies. Kirnain endures as a beloved Urdu classic that highlights Rehman’s mastery of wit and perceptive observations on life.

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