Niklay Teri Talash Mein By Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Niklay Teri Talash Mein(نکلے تیری تلاش میں) is a travelogue by Urdu novelist Mustansir Hussain Tarar. This is the author’s first safarnama. It was published in 1971 and continued to be published after becoming famous. Readers and critics alike took it in stride.

Mustansir Hussain Tarar has a special and significant place in Urdu literature. He is a novelist, playwright, and TV host with a strong knowledge of literature. In addition to being a prolific fiction writer, Tarar also wrote many fascinating travelogues after completing Niklay Teri Talash Mein. After writing this book, he never looked back and created many others.

In his travelogues, a romantic and mythical atmosphere prevents them from becoming mere reportage but also helps the reader become completely absorbed in the narrative. 

Niklay Teri Talash Mein Book Summary

In “Niklay Teri Talash Mein,” Mustansir describes his trip to Europe. It was a unique journey because he didn’t travel by air but by land. There are some chapters that can only be described as fiction in this travelogue. Reading Tarar’s travelogues is a pleasure due to his creative style. That is why his travelogues are read with so much interest.

The journey began with a departure for Kabul, which was arranged by bus. Kabul, the history of Afghanistan, and the ways of the Afghans all seem mystical to Mustansir. After Afghanistan, the next stop was Iran. The author has beautifully illustrated the pilgrimages to Iran during his tour.

Get to know about the style of the Tarar by reading this Urdu Safarnama. The goal of Musansir is not only to dispel the general impression of travelogues’ length and breadth but also to introduce you to a completely different world. I always seem to be enchanted by discovering a brand-new place, whether it’s the wonders of Iran, a Turkish village in the golden sunlight, or the enchantment of Venice.

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