What Does a Booking Bet Entail? A Simplified Guide to Placing Booking Bets

What exactly is a booking bet? This term is frequently used in the realm of online sports bet Sénégal. To gain a clearer comprehension of this wager, let’s delve into the specifics within the football knowledge domain.

Booking bets, also recognized as penalty card bets or bets on red and yellow cards, are commonly referred to as Total Booking in English. With the escalating interest among football betting enthusiasts, betting platforms offer tailored odds for matches.

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These bets revolve around the number of yellow or red cards issued by the referee during a match. The handicap in this type of wager is allocated to teams, and the bookmaker delineates which team assumes the upper position in the bet and which assumes the lower position. This arrangement determines the outcome once the match concludes.

How to Win with Booking Bets: The Easiest Approach

Guidelines for Playing Booking Bets:

Match Selection: To engage in booking odds, visit an online sports betting platform and select the match you wish to bet on.

Placing the Bet: Upon choosing a match, a list of potential outcomes will be displayed. You can wager on one or multiple outcomes from this selection.

Confirmation of Bet: After selecting your desired outcomes, ensure to review and confirm your bet information before finalizing the betting process.

Monitoring Results: Following the placement of your bet, await the match results to ascertain whether you have won or lost.

A booking bet is essentially a prediction centered on the number of cards shown during a match. The steps outlined above provide a straightforward approach for placing and tracking these types of bets in online sports betting.

Playing Total Booking Odds: Understanding Bets on Penalty Cards

Engaging in bets based on the number of penalty cards shown during a match involves specific criteria that determine the outcome. The count will consider penalty cards shown while the match is in progress. However, if a player fails to enter the field or if a coach receives a penalty card, these instances won’t contribute to the final count.

For instance, if a player receives a yellow card in the first half and a red card in the second, the total count would amount to 3. Consequently, bettors can place wagers according to the bookmaker’s rules for either the entire match or solely the first half.

Betting on Over/Under with total penalty cards mirrors other online bets, where players predict the total number of penalty cards shown by the referee after the house establishes a specific rate for yellow and red cards.

Additional Betting Variations Include

Predicting Parity of Cards: Bettors forecast whether the total number of cards shown to 1 or 2 teams during the match will be an even or odd number.

First or Last Penalty Card Bet: Focusing on predicting a specific team’s last penalty card, this bet disregards the match score, unlike other bets.

Key Strategies for Booking Bets:

Seek reliable sources for comprehensive bookmaker reviews to identify competitive and quality betting platforms.

Conduct thorough research on the performance of both teams to ascertain which team might receive more cards from the referee. Utilize support tools like odds analysis software and betting websites to aid in match result predictions.

Assess the referee overseeing the match: Expect a higher probability of penalty card issuance if the referee is strict, while an easy-going referee might indicate a lower penalty card rate.

Friendly matches typically involve fewer severe fouls, so it’s advisable not to place high bets; rather, observe the situation and bet accordingly.

Remember, this bet exclusively applies to players participating on the field, disregarding penalties issued to coaches or substitute players.

We hope the shared experiences and insights into booking bets aid in making informed decisions, leading to favorable outcomes in your betting endeavors.

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