30 amliyat books in Urdu You have to Read [PDF]

Has your life become annoying for you? Are you worried about your future and career? Do you have any business loss or bad luck? Is any kala jadu affecting your life? Then here is the best chance to get rid of all the problems by reading amliyat books, find below many amliyat books for free.

What is Amliyat ?

Amliyat (عملیات) is a Bangla word and the English meaning of Amliyat is “Tricks”, “Technique” etc. So we can say that Amliyat is a technique of doing something supernatural. In old Amliyat books (qadeem amliyat books), you can find many different types of Amliyat which are used in solving problems of life, for example, Love Problem Solution, Pasand Ki Shadi Ka Taweez or Wazifa, Karobari Bandish ka ilaaj, Mohabbat Paida Karne ka Taweez or Wazifa, Job Problem Solution and many more as you can see in the below links.

Amliyat is a great power and can solve almost any problem in this universe. This is the main reason for the use of amliyat for different purposes. We will share all books related to Amliyat and Taweezat in this category. The list includes books such as deoband amliyat books,sifli amliyat books,noori amliyat books for free download.

In order to describe different Amliyat books (عملیات کی کتابیں),there are two more opinions about Amliyat. First, Amliyat is a process in which people of different religions and non-religions disturb the peace of society and the morals of the people. For example, magic, sorcery, attracting women, and claiming to know the unseen, which is the knowledge of the unseen only and only with Allah Almighty.

Second In the early days of Islam, Amil was the man who wrote the Qur’anic verses in the form of amulets,And people used to put these amulets on children’s arms and necks.It is permissible for a distressed and sick person to write the Holy Qur’an and remember Allah and feed him.
From the Rohani point of view, Amliyat is writing kalam informing of amulets and putting these on children’s and people’s arms and necks.

Complete List of 32+ Amliyat Books In Urdu Free

Below is a list of all famous writers’ Amliyat books you need to read.

  1. Aayat Ul Kursi Azmat By Maulana Hassan Al-hashimi
  2. Aftab Amliyat Part 1 By Faqeer Hafiz Hakeem Jameel Ahmed
  3. Alam E Hazrat By Sufi Muhammad Nadeem Muhammadi
  4. Amliyat E Rohani Amraaz By Dr. Hashmat Jah
  5. Amliyat Taskhiry Mohabbat By Shaikh Abdul Gafar
  6. Amliyat E Kashaish Rizq By Muhammad Shabir Qadri
  7. Amliyat E Ishq O Muhabbat Dairy By Aamil Kamil Hafiz Zahid
  8. Asaan Amliyat O Tawezat By Ejaz Ahmed Khan
  9. Bayaz E Ajmal By Hakeem Hafiz Ajmal Khan
  10. Israr Ul Amliyat By Haji Ghulam Shabbir Qadari
  11. Jadu Nagri Jinnat O Amliyat By Syed Abdulwahab Shah Sherazi
  12. Jadu Tona Tillismati Magazine Pdf
  13. Juwahir Ul Haroof By Syed Abu Ul Hassan
  14. Khazina Amliyat Sufi Aziz Ur Rahman
  15. Lal Kitab 1941 Old Amliyat Book Pdf
  16. Majmua Niralay Amliyat O Tawezat By Faqeer Muhammad Arshad Hashmi
  17. Mujarrib Amaal By Moulana Mohammed Is-haaq
  18. Mujrab Amliyat O Tawezat By Iqbal Ahmed Noori
  19. Mujrab Tawezat E Saifi Is By Moulana Abdul Wajid Qadari
  20. Mushkilat Ka Rohani Hal Syed Muhammad Usman Noor
  21. Rohani Amliyat O Wazaif By Zeeshan Nizami
  22. Rohani Amliyat Haji Muhammad Azeem Butt Azeemi Qadari
  23. Rohani Amraz Aur Unka Ilaj By Faiz Ahmed Tonsvi
  24. Rohani O Jasmani Amraz Ka Ilaj
  25. Shaitaan Number
  26. Taqweem Hijri By Abu Nasar M. Khalid
  27. Nad E Ali Tawezaat O Amliyat By Doctor Masleh Ul Din
  28. Ubqari Rohani Jantri 2022 Free Read And Download In Pdf
  29. Aamal-e-qurani By Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Pdf Free Download
  30. Aamil Kamil By Peer Syed Ali Shah Jillani
  31. Khazina E Rohaniyat Qurani Wazai
  32. Khazina E Amliyat
  33. Aasan Amliyat Book
  34. Qurani Wazaif
  35. Rohani Ilaaj Majmua E Rohani Wazaif
  36. Taskher E Pari Book

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This site has a great library that provides access to The complete list of Urdu Amliyat books in pdf format. You should enjoy reading the books listed above. The document is indexed and shared under the same name as the books. Here you find all kinds of other Urdu books, like Urdu poetry, Urdu novels, tanqeed books, Urdu literature books, and as well as Islamic history books in Urdu pdf. Links are given above to download all books.

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